Restrictive Firewalls

PiTunnel allows most users to connect their device to an internet connection and access it remotely with zero configuration of the network. This means no port forwarding or other special router configuration. PiTunnel acheives this by only using outgoing connections on your network, and then tunnelling back over the outgoing connection to allow external clients to connect to your device.

In certain situations, overly restrictive firewalls on corporate networks may prohibit PiTunnel from working. If you can see your device Online on the PiTunnel dashboard on some networks but not on another, then the PiTunnel outgoing connection may be being blocked by a firewall on your network. Please read below on how to configure a network to allow PiTunnel to work.

Configuring Firewalls

If you encounter an issue as mentioned above, you will need to configure the network firewall to allow the following connections:

Connection Type Direction Port Range Destination Host/IP
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 pitunnel.com
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 pitunnel2.com
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 pitunnel3.com
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 us1.pitunnel.com
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 us2.pitunnel.com
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 uk1.pitunnel.com
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 eu1.pitunnel.com
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 as1.pitunnel.com
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 au1.pitunnel.com
TCP Outgoing 0 - 65535 in1.pitunnel.com

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