Tunnel Regions

PiTunnel has a network of servers around the world that are used to route the tunnel traffic from your device. To get the fastest performance your tunnel should be connected to the server region closest to your device. PiTunnel can be set to automatically find the best region, or you can choose it manually.

Manual selection is useful when your device is located close to two regions, and you want to make sure the same region server is used every time, or you are configuring a device with PiTunnel in one region and then shipping it to a different region for use.

NOTE: Tunnel Regions are only available for devices installed with the pitunnel client after 17 May 2023. Devices installed earlier need to be updated by re-running the "Add/Update Device" command on the Devices page.

Region Locations

PiTunnel currently has servers located in the following regions:

Region City
au1 Sydney
us1 San Francisco
us2 New York
uk1 London
Region City
eu1 Frankfurt
as1 Singapore
in1 Bangalore

Region Selection

PiTunnel can automatically select the best region for your tunnel based on your device's location.

For http tunnels, the default region selection mode is auto.
The subdomain for your tunnel will initially be shown as <name>.pitunnel.com, but will automatically redirect to the region where your tunnel is hosted, for example <name>.us1.pitunnel.com. If you would like your tunnel to use a different region, specify it at the command-line when creating the tunnel, for example, pitunnel --port=80 --http --region=uk1.

For non-http custom tunnels, the default server used is pitunnel.com:<port_number>.
To get the fastest speed out of your tunnel you need to add --region=auto to the tunnel command-line options, or manually specify one of the above listed region codes, such as --region=us1.
In the example above, with region us1, your tunnel would be hosted at us1.pitunnel.com:<port_number>.

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